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More and more often we find ourselves in the need of making a video. And it makes sense, as video is the most effective way of communication. In 2021, 83% of all Internet communications were videos. According to a study by “Nonprofit Hub”, the audience retain 95% of a message when they see a video, comparing to a 10%, when it’s a text. Amazing, right? Well, this reality is getting higher everyday, and companies know it.

Do you need to make a video for a class presentation? Maybe, create a pitch video for your start up business? Or make your first steps as a social influencer? Maybe you just want to create a video from your family vacations to remember the memories. Even better, do you want to add on your resume that you know how to make videos?

So, you already know how to shoot a professional video. Now the next step is editing that video. In this episode you’ll learn about video editing. We’ll go through the basic principles and learn about the main tools used for this process.

We’ve already taken our first steps into becoming digital creators. Now it’s time to go one step further. In this episode you’re going to learn a series of techniques and tools to give your videos a cinematic look, increasing its potential to generate emotions and impact.

In the last episode we provided helpful tips to create and enhance the attractiveness of your video. Although, sometimes you might need to create an informative video, you will need to include attractive texts and graphics.

Our video is completed. Now, we only need to finish the last step before we start sharing it. This last step is called “Export” and it’s one of the most important. Now, we´re going to export our video to different formats to fit all the social media platforms.

Every day millions of videos are uploaded to the Internet. But, why do some of them succeed and others don’t? Why do some of them get millions of views and others barely make any impact?

The key for a video to become viral is the emotional connection with the viewer. And for that connection to happen, we must be sure that the viewer watches our video until the end because that’s when the emotion will reach its climax. This experience will motivate the viewer to share the video.

To create a good video you only need 3 things: script, script and script. And these aren’t my words. The “Master of Suspense”, Alfred Hitchcock was the one who said this. He actually meant it for feature films, but trust me, for any video that you’re going to make, the script is the key.

When we start making videos, it’s very common to invest a lot of time thinking about the kind of shot, the lighting, the location…but we usually don’t spend the same amount of time thinking about the sound. We dismiss it and eventually think about it.

Do you know that thousands of projects are at your fingertips? I mean not just videos! But amazing songs, beautiful photos, and much more. And you can download them from several platforms specialized in providing creative assets, known as CREATIVE MARKETPLACES.

When we’re creating a project, we often use videos, images or songs that we download for free. Sometimes we don’t even realize that those works are protected, through Copyrights, and therefore, what we’re doing is actually illegal, even if we don’t know it.

The work market is more global today than it’s ever been. Thanks to the Internet many online platforms have been created that aimed towards online freelance work. These platforms are a great opportunity for content creators like us. We can make ourselves known, offer our services, apply for jobs, sign up for contests, explore new opportunities…

Anyone of us who has been involved in a creative job, remembers the exact time when you got hired, but you don’t know when you’ll be finished. With constant work changes we have learned that being efficient with our time and schedules means more productivity and profit for the company.