Through an audiovisual set of educative videos, the project is focusing on the development of the most useful digital skills on the definition, creation, and effective sharing of audiovisual content online.

But, what are we going to learn concretely?

Shooting and editing tools management and editing techniques, through 5 videos that will practically address:

  • How to make better use of the cameras of the most common mobile devices (lighting, camera angles, filters…) and basic professional equipment.
  • Editing programs for mobile, tablets, and PC devices.
  • How to make online editing attractive for the viewer.
  • Graphics and titles: how to use it narratively with the most common and basic tools.
  • How to export the final version of our works to different formats and sizes, depending on the media or network it is aimed for, and the quality of the file.

Researching and briefing for new content creation based on a given topic, through 3 videos that will practically address:

  • How to identify concepts and issues of interest for our potential clients.
  • How to express an idea or narrative addressing concept in a short and comprehensive briefing and using the most adequate narrative and production tools.
  • How to script an idea in the adequate length (fiction, testimonial, documentary, non-fiction…).

Finally, we will also address music and images libraries, postproduction templates, and other audiovisual resources’ management complying with intellectual property rules, through 3 videos in which we will learn: 

  • How to manage sound and music files (formats, downloading…)
  • Information of the best music, still images, and video libraries (public domain as well as the pay-per-use ones)
  • Good practices to comply with the intellectual property rules.


Visit or download our materials and get prepared for your digital skill-up!