Multiplier events

It is not enough to work for a more inclusive and prepared society! We also need to do it together including every single actor that can potentially contribute to it!

Through our series of national and international multiplier events, we are ensuring to:

  • Enable collaborations between the youth sector and the business sector for inclusive digital cultural and creative job creation.
  • Enable the use, dissemination, and exploitation of our designed Mobile APP JOVID19 where potential employers and young jobseekers can meet and work together.
  • Help on the recuperation of the European cultural and creative sector, vital for the economic, social, and mental wellbeing of our communities.
  • Promote and foster the implementation of COVID-19 especially related policy recommendations aiming to increased youth employability.

You are more than welcome to join!

Stay tuned! Check for the closer event to your city and do not hesitate to express your interest in joining!

Madrid- September 2022
Istambul- October 2022
Athens- November 2022
Bucharest- December 2022
Vilnius- January 2023
Brussels- February 2023